Dr. Andy Canion  

Former Ph.D. Student

M.S. Marine Science. 2008. University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL
B.S. Biology. 2004. University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS

Research Interests: I am interested in the relationship between microbial community composition and organic matter cycling in coastal environments. For my research, I plan to focus on the role of permeable sediments (sands) as biocatalytical "filters" that remineralize organic matter. Understanding these filters and identifying the microbes involved is crucial to understanding the fate of anthropogenic nitrogen inputs as well as the global carbon cycle.

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Email: canion@ocean.fsu.edu


Dr. Thomas Gihring

Former Ph.D. Student

Ph.D. Oceanography. 2009. Florida State University, Department of Oceanography
M.S. Geology. 2001. The University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
B.S. Geology. 1998. The University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

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Email: gihring@ocean.fsu.edu


Dr. Denise Akob

Former Ph.D. Student

Ph.D. Oceanography. 2008. Florida State University, Department of Oceanography
B.S. Biology. 2002. St. Mary's College of Maryland

Dissertation Title: Structure and Function of Microbial Communities Controlling the Fate and Transformation of U(VI) in Radionuclide Contaminated Subsurface Sediments.

After FSU: Denise started a Postdoc in Germany at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, working with Dr. Kirsten Küsel in the Institute for Ecology.

Email: deniseakob@gmail.com

Patrick Chanton

Former M.S. Student

B.A. Biochemistry. 2010 Earlham College, Richmond, IN.

Research Interests: My research is focused on microbial ecology and the carbon cycle in northern peat lands. I study microbes and extracellular enzymes that degrade complex phenolic compounds, which is thought to be the limiting step in the release of carbon from peat lands. Understanding the factors that change activity of phenol oxidase enzymes may be crucial to understanding the role that climate change may play on the storage and release of carbon.

Email: pchanton3@gatech.edu


Claire Smith

Former M.S. Student

B.S. Chemistry. 2009. Ursinus College, Collegeville, PA

Research Interests: My previous research involved the hydroboration of carbon nanotubes. This project utilized ultraviolet to facilitate the reaction between borane containing compounds and the extremely stable nanotubes. At FSU I plan on working on the upcoming project to use algae to create biofuels from existing biomass.

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Email: clsmith387@gmail.com


Evan Hunter

Former M.S. Student

M.S. Biological Oceanography. 2006. Florida State University, Department of Oceanography
B.S. Biology. 2002. University of Cincinnati

After FSU: Evan worked as an environmental scientist at PBS&J for close to 4 years. He now manages Gretchen Hofmann’s lab at the University of California-Santa Barbara, where he studies the effects of ocean acidification and climate change on marine invertebrates.

Email: evanhunter9680@gmail.com